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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wonder Woman, Round 2

Livia vs Portable Dishwasher.

Results: Livia 1, Dishwasher 0.

I moved that sucker all by myself from the garage to the kitchen. It involved getting the dishwasher up 3 cement stairs. Who's the (wo)man?

I'm not actually planning to use the portable dishwasher in the kitchen though... it's broken. I'm just temporarily using it for counter space until Kev and I find something to install permanently to add more workspace to the kitchen. I'm still proud of myself though. I'm still the (wo)man.

As you can see, there is still a lot of drywall work do be done in the dining "room." It'll come, eventually. I need to put the sink cabinet doors back on too. There will be a traditional PH update this Friday, so get excited! I just had to share with you what I did last week before heading to Seth's.

PLUS Later this week there will be photos of me and all three of my siblings together. That hasn't happened in... seriously I don't know how many years. At least 4. Many thanks go to Kev for taking a million pics of the four of us Monday night when we should've been packing up the suburban to haul the rock wall from Sandy to Ogden. What? Yeah, more on that later.

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. Congrats Liv!! All the progress has really shown.

  2. I love all those stand alone counters from Ikea, you know what I'm talking about? For counter space? You guys have room for it, with the expandable cutting boards on the side? you should get one of those.

  3. I had to giggle when I read this. We are in the middle of a remodel also. Your kitchen, however, looks a whole lot nicer than ours.


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