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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All Stocked Up on Crazy

Nikki tagged me. I think there's something in the air lately. So I'm back with another tag, which requires me to post 6 of my quirks. How am I supposed to choose just 6?

1. I am a woman of routine. Even if I'm running way late for work, I follow the same get-ready routine every morning. And once I get to my office, I follow the same settling-in routine. Who cares if that makes me late? I sure don't. I'd rather feel totally put together and be late than feel completely undone and be on time (to work, that is).

2. I am still allergic to "the cold." Meaning: I touch something cold and I get hives. I eat something cold and my lips/tongue/throat swell and itch. It went into remission for a while, but has recently flared back up. Just in time for winter!!

3. My at-work snacks go through phases. For a while all I ate (at 10 on the dot) were peanut butter crackers. Then it was Special K bars. Then Goldfish crackers. Then fruit snacks. Then back to Special K bars. I like variety, but I forget to mix it up every day!

4. I am really really moody. Not so much a quirk as a flaw I have to work on.

5. If a place is geographically south of me, I absolutely cannot stand it when someone suggests we head UP to that place. If it's south, shouldn't we suggest we go DOWN to that place? I understand that technically it may be a higher elevation, but I still need people to say we're going DOWN south. Obviously the same goes for places north of me. For example, don't say we're going DOWN to Canada. It's UP from me. Also, please don't refer to Utah as the Midwest. That bothers me too. Maybe it has something to do with looking at maps.

6. After two years of marriage, I finally broke down and started matching up Kev's socks when I do laundry. I used to just leave them in the bin after I folded everything else, but then he'd leave them in the bin and take them out one pair at a time. IT DROVE ME CRAZY. It totally prevented me from using the bin for more dirty clothes (even though we have 4 to keep everything separated according to washing needs). So, now Kev gets his socks neatly matched up and put away by his personal maid. And every time I do it, I show him so he'll say thank you and make a big deal out of it for me. It's a good compromise.

There you have fascinating information about me and what makes me weird. Like you needed me to spell it out for you...


  1. No. 5 is a pet peeve of mine, too. Thank you for being bothered with me.

  2. I am the QUEEN of the food rut. Honestly. I've been eating the same snacks at work for the past, oh, 9 months. I get the same EXACT thing at Subway every time. And I TOTALLY have a routine in the morning, so I'm always a few minutes late.

    So glad I'm not alone. :)

  3. I love the up there and down there stuff - SO TRUE!

  4. I am so with you on the up and down thing (as is everyone else apparently). It even applies in FL. We have some friends in Tampa which is 2 hrs north of us and they always say they'd like to come up and see us. It drives me crazy!


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