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Friday, October 31, 2008

Big Weekend

Another busy weekend ahead.

Tomorrow is not only the start of NaBloPoMo, but it's also my little brother's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday!!

Also, I need to sand my dining room table so I can stain it this weekend. I really don't want it to be pine-y colored for Thanksgiving. It makes me cringe.

Plus, I gotta get massive amounts of homework done.

I have to organize some Pilates workouts... because I'm unofficially hired to teach some classes starting sometime in November. Woo!

The weather forecast for Utah is snow, cold, and rain. So that means I also get to play the role of nagging wife this weekend and "encourage" Kev to take a look at the furnace so we'll have some heat.

Super glamorous, right? I know you're just dying to call and come over to help.

Why didn't anyone warn me that being grown-up is NOT fun?

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  1. DANG girl! You are busy this weekend. i hope you fit in some strictly you time. (*cough~DSW~ cough*)


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