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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blue Monday

Yesterday was a typical Monday. It stunk.

However, a few things happened to make it better.

Eli brought me chocolates all the way from Germany. In a cute little heart-shaped tin.

Kev stopped by my office (to get tools out of my car) but stayed while I had a mini-break down for half an hour.

There was a package waiting for me on the front porch when I got home from work. There was a new harness for Maddie (which worked GREAT), some pumpkin filling (for COOKIES and PIE), and some delicious soaps that I piled on my towels to make them smell good while they rest in the bathroom cubbies. Thanks Gail.

I applied for an internship with LDS magazines such as The Ensign, The Friend, The Liahona, and other publications. Even if I don't get considered for the position (for 2009), at least I'm trying to get into a field that will offer experience relative to what I studied in college.

When Kev got home from work (at 8 freakin 30) we played Scene It? on our cable. Who knew you could do that?! I schooled him during "Friends" trivia. But he pretty much beat me with Disney, Harry Potter and music trivia. He's so well-rounded.

Let's hope that today has some ups in it too.


  1. I like that you're always able to see the good things in life, even when you're feeling down. You're an inspiration. :o)

  2. Hey Liv, i think we need a Ross day.
    You work so hard. way to keep your head up. Tell me when you want to hang out. Mike needs some fun guy time too..he's stressed to the max.

  3. Bad news, no more shopping for like... ever.

    I just found out I have a cross-country flight to make during the Holidays. Which means I have to find quite a few bucks for plane tix.

  4. Yeah! Good luck, I hope you get the job. Heaven knows you need it! :) Everyone deserves toilet paper...

  5. Hey! I was so bored last weekend because we were stuck home sick, that I made Scotty play scene it with me in cable as well! Glorious.


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