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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dig Those New Threads

Since it's so cold in the PH, I decided Maddie needed a sweater. My mom usually gets one for her Boston Terrier because her house is large and, well, in New England. So in the winter, it's cold. It ain't cheap to heat a big old house, so everyone, dogs included, layer up to stay warm. It saves a ton of money.

At this time, Kev and I don't have any choice but to save money on heating since we haven't completed the duct work on the furnace. But seriously, we're saving so much money by wearing scarves, hats and hoodies inside. Now Maddie can join the club. 'Cause believe you me, even once we get the heater working we probably won't turn it up past 56 degrees. So she better get used to layering.

Kev picked this beauty out for his little girl. The poor thing had to try on at least half a dozen sweaters of varying patterns and fasteners. While this one is a bit less straightforward than one that simply velcros under her belly and chin, it is the winner. It covers the whole length of her weirdly-proportioned body and she doesn't even mind that it has sleeves!

You might think the sweater is treat enough, but if you'd seen her face while Kev and I forced her into one wrap/sweater/vest/coat after another, you too would believe she needed more.

When we got home I broke out the drool-inducing treats and let her chomp away undisturbed, as pictured above.

She's so spoiled.


  1. Cute Sweater! I hope that you guys get heat soon! I'm so sorry!

  2. WAY cute sweater! I love pink and brown together. We are the same way we keep our house pretty dang cold because it costs so much to heat it, so bring on the layers.


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