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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My budget projection spreadsheet is $4,729.48 over the actual numbers listed on the paperwork I used to compile my spreadsheet.

How did I manage to enter $4,729.48 more than what I was supposedly reading off papers? Well, I'll tell you how that happened.

When I was given the paperwork, I was given a section of 3 pages TWICE. So I'm cruising along, entering over a dozen pages of information into a spreadsheet that throws the money into dozens of different categories on 5 different pages (which I have to locate myself by hand) and little did I know that I entered 3 pages TWICE.

Now I have to find the money and erase the duplicate entries. I've already gotten the difference down by over $20,000. I'm on my last nerve.

Did I mention that doing math makes me feel like I'm actually standing in the middle of a four-lane highway during rush hour? Yes, yes it does. That's why I majored in ENGLISH.

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