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Friday, October 17, 2008

For Sale

Anyone in Northern Utah need a man chair? Kev's finally consented to selling this huge comfy leather chair and I couldn't be happier!! It's just way too big for our cozy little living room, and it's been stored in the garage since we moved. Please give it a good home so I can park my car in the garage someday.

In unrelated news- don't forget to enter the giveaway!! Go to this post for details and a chance to win a super great prize. Wouldn't it be great to kick back in the comfy man chair reading one of the best home decor mags around?! I think so.

And in case you were wondering, yes, today is a school holiday and yes, I'm at work. Why? I don't know. Probably because this company wants to suck all the fun out of me and kill my spirit just a little bit more this week. As if talking to hot-headed parents and students all week wasn't rewarding enough.

With that, I'm off. I have school this weekend (yikes!) so I'll be in SLC at Seth's house. Wish me luck!


  1. Ooh! Good luck this weekend! I'm excited to hear about how it goes!

  2. Good luck Liv! You'll do great :)

  3. OH, LIV. Wouldn't you know it, we already have one of those! And we bought it from Kim and Cabe! And it's SO comfortable but yeah, doesn't really go with the decor.


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