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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Don't Care if Timmy Fell Down the Well

Is it wrong that I'm planning to call Animal Control on my neighbor's dog? I practically have the script written out in my head.


Because I am so tired of hearing it bark for 20 minute stretches in the middle of the night. And in the middle of the day. And every single time I take Maddie out the back door. And every single time I even touch the back lock. That dog is out of control.

He doesn't just bark his head off at Maddie; he lunges against his kennel and repeatedly does so until I take her back inside. I really don't get it. Kev and I bought the house the same month this dog was adopted, so it's not like we barged into his life and ruined the delicate balance. It's not like he got used to our house being uninhabited and then we showed up and made him nervous. It's to the point that I have to take Maddie out on her leash. I used to just go out with her and watch her take care of business. She was great at ignoring the neighbor dog. But suddenly, after three months of his verbal abuse, she's starting to get mad. If I take her out sans leash, she'll hop over to his yard and growl right back at him.

His owners recently informed me and Kev that they're pretty sure if their dog got out, he'd attack and kill Maddie. Great! I'm so excited to live next door to you! And your stupid killer dog! He's a big German Shepard so I guess he has every right to be intimidated by my 22 pound Rat Terrier.

Give me a break.

Last night, at 4AM, I couldn't take the barking any longer. I'd tried stuffing my head between the pillows. I'd tried tuning it out. Finally, I resorted to opening the back door and yelling "HEY, NOOOO!!!" That shut him up for about 5 minutes. Then I think a blade of grass quivered in the wind and he got all upset about it.

So tell me, is it wrong to call Animal Control on the neighbor's dog? They seem to have no interest in disciplining him themselves. He sits in his kennel all day and all night. She said she can't take him out for walks because he chews through his collar or slips out of it altogether. And then we'd have a killer dog on the loose. And heaven forbid they let him be a house dog. Then who would guard the mounds of scrap metal and concrete in their yard? Plus, how could two retired people with four empty bedrooms possibly find room in their home for their pet?!

I'm just a little irritated. and more than just a little tired. Anyone want a dog? Apparently he's a real go-getter.


  1. Yay for bite me posts! I wouldn't hesitate to at least file a noise complaint. I've had to call the cops before on our neighbors - this is the same thing for you but possibly worse - and they ask you if you're willing to sign a written complaint - and then your neighbors will at least realize that you CAN do something about their obnoxious dog.

  2. Calling Animal Control would be the nice way to go.
    I vote for calling a local Korean restaraunt to come and take the dog.
    They pay "Top - Dollah"

  3. I have 3 dogs who live next door who will bark for hours starting at 5am. It is horrible. call and file a noise complaint, it does make a difference. I say, go for it, they already said he is a terror, what do they care if someone else comes and takes the menace away?

  4. No, it's not wrong of you to call animal control. I do have to say though, that I have a backdoor neighbor who calls Animal Control on my other neighbors ALL. THE. TIME. And they will call if that dog so much as yawns. So it can go the other way, too. However, right now for you I say call. I think it's warranted.
    Also, it's very sad that those people don't take that dog to obedience school or something. German Shephards are wonderful, intelligent animals. I bet the poor thing is bored out of its mind.

  5. I'm glad I'm not just mean and that you guys understand my pain!!

    I too feel badly for the pup (but I feely badly for me MORE). His potential is totally being wasted b/c the neighbors seem to just want a junkyard dog. I totally agree that German Shepards are not junkyard dogs. They need LOVE!! They want to be your best friend in the whole world.

    Thankfully, he didn't bark last night. BUT HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!

  6. MAKE THE CALL!!!! It's disturbing your peace. The dog should be arrested.


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