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Monday, October 27, 2008

Indian Trail

Kev, Ken and I hiked the Indian Trail this weekend in the 12th Street canyon. While it wrecked my hip and knee, I still enjoyed it a little. The boys and the dogs liked it a lot. Samson (not to be confused with Seth's dog Samson) and Maddie had the time of their lives running the trail and wandering at their leisure. Maddie is so great on hikes. She loves to run ahead with the other dog(s) but then she comes running back to make sure the people are still coming.

It was a beautiful hike, and we left early enough in the day to have light the whole way through. It's roughly 4.34 miles. I about died. It was cold enough to wear a hoodie, but not cold enough for a hat and/or gloves. So my body stayed warm from the exercise, but my ears and hands got hives. So lame. But I survived. And we got these great photos.

Since it's late October, most of the color has faded on the mountains, but we were still lucky enough to find some great shots. There's beautiful contrast between the mountains the sky, as well as the mountains and the city. And you can see for yourself that at least there's still a lot of yellow and orange on the scrub oak.

We were so tired when we got back that Maddie wouldn't even move. I tried to get her off my legs while resting up on the couch, but it was like trying to pick up a sack of potatoes. She would not cooperate. Lucky dog had a great weekend playing with Seth's Samson and Ken's Samson and Carrie's baby boy Riley. She has a better social life than I do!

It was a great weekend, and I'm glad Kev made me enjoy nature before it gets all covered in snow. Yuck.


  1. Ah! The colors! I'm so jealous, I LOVE fall, and it's just not the same here. The leaves kind of just...go brown and die. I don't think it can get any prettier than Logan in the fall!

  2. you guys are great at photography. Love it!


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