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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's (Nearly) That Time Again

I know Thanksgiving is still really far away. It's a huge deal for me regardless. I've always made Thanksgiving dinner for siblings and friends who need a place to go. And this year I get to make it for the first time in the PH!! Well, I'm hoping I get to. I still don't have a working oven. That could prove problematic. I assure you, I'll have to be committed if I'm still cooking in the microwave another month from now.

Anyway. I'm excited for Thanksgiving. It's a time when the house smells good for days on end. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, turkey, stuffing, rolls, veggies... yum. And the leftovers!! Heaven. Plus after Thanksgiving is when it's officially legal to break out the Christmas tree!! Last year Sophia and I had it up and decorated before the end of the day. We're a little over-zealous but it's ok.

I'm hoping that all my siblings will come up to my place this year (hint hint). It was so great to have Sophia fly out to be with me, Kev and Seth last year, but we missed Jeshua (who was still in Mexico serving his LDS mission at that time).

Do you guys hear me? PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE FOR THANKSGIVING!! It'll be so much fun. Seth, I have cable.

PS If any of you are in need of a place to go for Thanksgiving, just let me know. The more the merrier. But be warned, if you have a special dish from your own family that you simply must have, you must bring it yourself. Example: candied yams. I will not make those. Barf.

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