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Friday, October 10, 2008

Third Wheel

Last night was wicked fun. I set my friend Ashley up with my friend Paul (who was Kev's friend before he was mine). Kev also knew Ash before, so that meant no super annoying questions amongst the four of us about work, school blah blah blah. Kev and I just got to sit back and enjoy watching Paul and Ashley get to know each other. I'm pretty lazy, which means that I generally don't like the effort it takes to double-date when I only know one half of the other couple. It's just too much work! Same goes for Kev. Needless to say, this is like... the 2nd double-date we've ever attempted in the three years we've been together.

Moving right along.

We went to The Pie in Ogden for dinner and then headed over to the Browning Center to see "Thriller" for the millionth time. Really, I've only made Kev take me 3 times. I think that's the limit though, because Kev said he needs to take a break. Fine. I'll just listen to Michael Jackson all alone in my house and pretend it's the same thing.

My favorite part of the night was dropping Paul off at his apartment. The four of us were in my car and Ash offered Paul a "date hug." I covered my eyes to give them pseudo-privacy while Kev unabashedly turned around in his seat to watch.

Thanks guys, let's do it again. We'll stare awkwardly next time too!

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  1. sounds like a ton of fun!! :) yay for double dates!


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