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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Note To Self

When driving all the way to Midvale for class, make sure you're going on the right day.

Apparently, in my haste to get started with my pre-licensing course I neglected to register the dates the classes were being held.

Meaning, I went down on the 18th to attend classes that were actually held on the 11th. So, here I am, 100 miles (round trip) and 100 tears later, realizing how it happened that I showed up to what appeared to be an abandoned, locked building on Saturday morning at 9AM.

I emailed the director of the school to ask her why the address listed seems to be incorrect (since the reception area inside is completely bare and the school logo has been removed from the wall above the front desk) and she assured me that despite its appearance, that suite still hosts live classes.

She must think I'm a complete moron. Heck, I think I'm a complete moron. But at least now I'll think twice before going all the way to Midvale again. Maybe Kev can double-check my schedule for me and give me permission to go to school on the right days at the right times. And maybe he should tie my shoes and pack my lunch for me too. Because as demonstrated by this weekend, graduating from college (a time during which I can't recall ever going to class the wrong day!) didn't prepare me enough for reading a simple calendar that is clearly labled with dates and course names.

There is a silver lining though- I conquered my own weakness and did NOT stop at DSW, which happens to be down the street from the Real Estate School. I even have a $10-off coupon. I may be a moron, but at least I have a little self-control.


  1. Livia-

    I live in Midvale! AND right down the street from DSW shoes. I wish you would visit. It would make my heart swell. Im sorry you came all the way down here though- I would be pizzissed!

  2. oh LIV - dang I'm sorry. what a disappointment. There is nothing fun about that. But good for you to find a silver lining - that is so you and so awesome. BTW you're not a moron


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