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Friday, October 24, 2008

On a Roll

I... got tagged again. This time by Mary. Thank goodness because it's S L O W at work today.

I am... 24!
I think... less than I should for a college graduate.
I know... it's time to leave this job.
I want... to find a new job!
I wish... Kev could consolidate his Justys into one working car.
I had... a fish named "Fishy" for 4 years.
I hate... answering my the phone at work.
I miss... having a real social life.
I fear... I may not rock at teaching PiYo.
I feel... bored and tired.
I hear... the flower delivery girl making someone's day!
I smell... Aisling's yummy lunch.
I crave... fulfillment in my professional life.
I search... for a new job almost daily.
I wonder... when Kev and I will have kiddos.
I regret... taking so long to finish college.
I love... KEVIN!! And Maddie.
I care... about getting made up for Kev when we go on dates. Just because we're married doesn't mean I get to be frumpy!
I always... lose my temper.
I am not... happy to have 3+ hours left at work.
I believe... this weekend will be busy and fun.
I could... fake sick and leave early today.
I dance... by myself and it makes me miss cheerleading.
I sing... in church this Sunday! (Thanks Nik for being my beautiful pianist).
I don't always... control my road rage. But lately I try to pretend that someone's in the car with me so I have to be polite.
I write... on this blog-diggity.
I win... less than Kev. He's won an XBox and a laptop and a trip to Vail in the past. Lucky.
I lose... my keys all the freakin time.
I play... with Maddie.
I never... eat three square meals a day. It's more like a million little meals.
I never listen to... rap or country. BARF.
I can usually be found... at work, at the parkway, or in my living room.
I am scared of... losing Kev while we're still young.
I need... a new job. Seriously.
I am happy about... PiYo certification on November 8th.

If you feel the need, consider yourself tagged. Trying to pick who to tag gives me anxiety, if you hadn't noticed.


  1. I like your tag - that was so insightful. I think ppl are bored of my last blog so I'll do that one. See you at 7!

  2. Good for you for sticking the day out. You gotta save up those sick days for when you can really make good use of them.
    I used to go to school sick, so I could take ski days when I was well!

  3. This is a great list. I just might have to do it too!

    And I hope you knock their socks off at church on Sunday! :o)

  4. I love your meme. It's so telling of you. Mind if I borrow it? I could pretend you tagged me... or you could tag me and make me feel better.

  5. haha Anyone who wants to do this is welcome. I officially tag Bonnie so she'll feel better :)


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