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Friday, October 24, 2008

Quote of the Week

I texted my brother today because I want to crash at his house tonight so I didn't have to drive from Ogden to Midvale on Saturday morning for class. As usual, he said that I could and I told him I'd bring Maddie this time since she doesn't need gross ear medicine anymore.

A little time went by before I get this reply from him:

"Sounds good, bring friends dvd!"

Last week, I fell asleep watching the second-to-last disc of "Friends," Season 9 at Seth's. He stayed awake long enough to finish and he actually put the final disc in. Alas, he was too tired to watch any of the episodes and apparently he's been jonesin' for it all week.

Too bad I've already watched the rest of Season 9 and I'm now on Season 10. He won't know the difference though, right? I mean, Ross and Rachel are still on-again off-again; Monica and Chandler are still trying to get pregnant/adopt; Phoebe's still weird and Joey's still playing the field. No harm done.

Let's just hope we can get the dogs to settle down long enough for us to hear what's going on in Season 10.


  1. It's nice to have a series you can watch on dvd. I tried doing that with 24 and it just moved too slowly to watch the episodes back to back. But I LOVED The Wire and the characters were like family to me, a comfort when Steve was traveling.

  2. I hate having to do the ear medicine. Oakleigh is so prone to ear infections that the vet thinks it's allergies, so I give her benedryl every day. It actually seems to be helping. But I do keep a supply of mometamax in my doggie shoebox.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can get obsessed with TV shows.

    When I watched a random movie last week starring Jennifer Aniston, I was a little confused that she wasn't Rachel from "Friends!!" It was so weird to see her in a different role. I always just think of her as my "friend" Rachel.


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