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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Before We Begin

Let's start with a tangent today (before I write a "real" NaBloPoMo post).

I don't place my hand over my heart when I sing the National Anthem at sporting events. I always forget. Does that make me un-supportive of our country? I don't think so. In light of that, PLEASE STOP DIGGING UP THE PHOTO OF OBAMA SANS HAND ON HEART AND CALL HIM UN-AMERICAN. Would he run for President if he didn't respect America? No. Also, if you continue to use derogatory remarks to describe the President, it just goes to show how far you haven't come since the 1950s. Using racial slurs is unacceptable. It is perfectly fine if you don't like Obama, but basing your dislike on this event or his ethnicity is a display of your ignorance.

Yes, this code states preferred protocol during the Anthem, but no one can be punished for behaving otherwise. Which is great since it would have been really awkward if I'd been arrested for terrorism all those times I sang without my hand over my heart. Can you just imagine me being hauled off the court, dropping the microphone in mid-note? Not a pretty picture.

You are welcome to disagree with me, and I hope that after today, my political posts will go back to being nonexistent. I just can't bite my tongue regarding this topic as it is completely unjustified and ridiculous. Let's focus on the real issues in America, please.



  1. I am curious as to who is making these comments? Maybe I'm not hearing or seeing any of this stuff because I live in Obama land. AKA: Oregon.

  2. I've mostly heard it from young, married, LDS girls in UT. They aruge that he's un-American, and that he was raised by "sick" people. I believe that particularly well-articulated woman was referring to Muslims. Gosh, I can't believe I wasn't aware that all Muslims are sick people. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!

    I also read a comment on a news site that stated: "I hope you're still happy you voted for Obama when you're all speaking Muslim." hee I didn't know Muslim was a language. I thought it described the followers of Islam. I'll have to tell my Syrian friend he doesn't speak ARABIC; he speaks "Muslim."

    I didn't even vote for Obama, but I still hate to see him attacked based on his ethnicity and schooling. If someone wants to argue his validity as Commander in Chief, I think it should be based on his policies and experience (or lack thereof). Y'know?

    *sigh* I don't even like discussing politics.

  3. Yikes! In Canada we rarely put our hands over our hearts when we sing the national anthem. And we only ever sing in a self-conscious, I-hope-no-one-else-can-hear-me kind of way. It's not that we're not proud of our country and our anthem. We're just weird that way.

  4. I LOVE this post! And I'm with you, I actually don't like writing about politics on my blog, but sometimes I feel strongly enough that I can't help myself. Your point is totally valid and well expressed!


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