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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best Movie Ever

I'm a really big fan of movies. More so the DVD in your own home version than the movie theater version. Kev loves movies too. Regardless of where they're viewed.

With that said, I really cannot pick the best movie ever. I just watched Finding Nemo with a two-year-old last week (more on that later!) and I loved it. I used to watch that movie over and over again with my friend Krista. We were college sophomores at the time.

I also love Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllanhaal (plus Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson). It's so good.

There's also an Indie film that Kev borrowed from Paul once. I think Toby McGuire is in it. That's a good movie too. Whatever it's called.

I like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series too.

And seriously, Disney movies in general are pretty great. I just love them. Old ones. Newer ones. There are some pretty decent kid movies out there.

Kev's a big fan of biopics, so I've seen Beyond the Sea, Ray, Walk the Line, and even La Bamba. Ok, I didn't really pay attention during that last one. I read a book next to Kev on the couch while he watched that one Sunday afternoon.

I have to watch chick flicks by myself, or wait until my sister and I get together during holidays to watch them. I think the last time I saw a "girl" movie in theaters was in November 2007 when Sophia came out for Thanksgiving. Kev just doesn't watch them. But with the cost of theater tickets, who'd want to waste money going to see a show when you can just wait to rent it for cheap and not feel like a loser seeing it all by yourself in your living room? It's a tried-and-true practice of mine.

Basically, if you want a good movie referral, just let me know. I'll stand in front of my DVD collection for a few minutes and generate a good list for ya.


  1. You should go to China; all the DVD's you want for less than a dollar. But they're pirated, so there's the guilt thing to worry about.

  2. Love Stranger Than Fiction. And I know how it goes, I don't remember the last girl movie I saw in the theatres. Honestly. I can't. If I lived at home we could form some sort of alliance. Go out to dinner and see a chick flick once in a while. :)

  3. Love Stranger than Fiction also. I am so glad other people do too. Also, thanks for entertaining Beckett. I am sure he had a great time. I hope you had fun too.


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