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Saturday, November 01, 2008

First Kisses

Last year when I did NaBloPoMo, I didn't do anything special to keep me going. I just tried to post every day for 30 days. This year, I found some inspiration on another blog that may help stay focused and interesting this month :)

Starshine suggests "First Kiss" as the topic for day one, and I'm expanding it to include my first kiss ever and my last first kiss.

When I graduated from High School, I spent the summer making money by working in a summer day-camp. When August rolled around, my friend Josie and I packed our bags and flew from Maine to Utah to attend Weber State University. We roomed together in the dorms and met TONS of people. I'd never been super social in High School; in fact, Josie and I didn't even go to the same school. We were friends because we went to church together. I think that being together Freshman year made it easier for us to create groups of friends and constantly branch out. We were friends with our crazy roommates, we were friends with the weird boys down the hall who left banana peels on our apartment door and rigged our brass knocker so it clanged when we opened the door. We were friends with our RA and all the boys in his apartment. We were friends with some of the Sorority girls and a guy who was totally goth but who ice-skated with Disney. It was a great time that taught me a lot about who I wanted to be, and who I wanted to be with.

Through all the introductions and parties, I also had some old friends from my Junior High days in Bountiful (hi guys!!). Even after I moved to Maine, I stayed in touch with a lot of them. When Josie and I moved to Utah, we spent a lot of time in B-town and it was through those associations that I met the boy who'd be my first kiss.

We had just about nothing in common. But he was cute. A red-head. A swimmer. He was into dirt-biking and cars. He picked me up for a date at Ashley's once and when I opened the front door to let him in, I broke a wall sconce in her entryway. It was so embarrassing. I think we had our first kiss before that though, so I didn't ruin my chances of him thinking I wasn't a giant dork.

He kissed me during Thanksgiving break. I don't really remember the details, but it was definitely not a bad kiss. We only dated for a few weeks though. He left to serve an LDS mission shortly after we met. We continued to write, but he almost always asked me about his ex-girlfriend and that was just a wee bit annoying. Plus, I'm pretty sure he gave me mono. Unless it's just a huge coincidence that following my first boyfriend ever I got sick and spent every moment outside of class sleeping.

Regardless of the mono and the ex-girlfriend questions, he was a nice guy. He came to my wedding reception and that was probably the first time I'd seen him since he'd returned from his mission a couple of years before. He just got married this summer, but since I was knee-deep in remodelling, I missed the reception. Sorry!!

Anyway, that's the story of my first kiss ever. My last first kiss is way better because it does not involve mono.

Kev and I had been friends for just a few weeks when we sat together on swings and talked about what we wanted out of our relationship. It wasn't a stereotypical "Determine the Relationship" talk; it was the two of us talking about a friend who couldn't figure out whether or not she wanted to date someone, and then Kev asked me if I wanted to date him. Yes, please. We wandered from the swings to the jungle gym and sat on the stairs. Kev tucked my hair behind my ear (which he still does) and my whole mouth went dry. I was so nervous. I later wrote in my journal that I thought I was going to throw up.

Thankfully, he managed to kiss me without incident. Thankfully, he still kisses me now. And I didn't give him mono.


  1. oh, love this! i might have to use some of her prompts!

    liv, did you know we went to the same jr. high?! small world. i wonder if we ever had classes together! time to go search for my yearbook!

  2. that is so cute Liv - I love it. Aw!

  3. A great idea! :) Since I was on day two and had like, nothing to say.

    Loved this, so fun to hear about people's first kisses! I'm also curious as to who your first kiss was with...but I won't pry. :)

  4. Hooray for last first kisses! :)

  5. hee Kimba, I'll send you a msg on facebook so I don't have to feel too embarrassed.


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