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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Good Friend

This is Maddie. She is a goooooood friend of mine. I love her. Is that ok? I mean, she's a dog. And I love her.

I came home from a work event of Kev's on Wednesday night and decided that she and I needed to have some photo time. I didn't see her for 15 hours on Tuesday, and I barely had a couple of hours with her Wednesday before meeting Kev at his office. She happily obliged to my impromptu photo session since I finally let her have a new ball. Poor thing's been slobbering all over her hot pink one since last Christmas.

From these shots, wouldn't you conclude that you want someone like Maddie to be your good friend too?


  1. maddie is a love - i will never forget the first day you two met. i think she knew that her life was about to be the coolest life ever.

  2. My husband is scared to death of dogs. So if I had a dog friend it would have to be a secret dog friend.

  3. I can identify with the loving of the pet thing. Brian and I actually talk about how much we love Cookie. Our cat though? Hmmm not so much.
    Your dog is adorable. And what ever came of the crazy german shephard next door?

  4. Mary- Secret dogs might be more fun!

    Abby- The dog next door miraculously stopped being such a pain immediately following my post about calling Animal Control. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe my neighbor found my blog and decided to shape up!!

    The dog sometimes barks at me and Maddie but not nearly as much as before. She's still scared of him though and sometimes won't go in the back door. She'll make me take her ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT DOOR from the backyard. Or I have to pick her up and carry her past his line of sight to the back door. But he doesn't bark at night and for that I am grateful.

  5. I totally wish I were a dog person. I envy people who have dogs and love them like part of the family, because dogs are so smart and become so in-tune with their masters. It's just never really worked that way for me.


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