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Friday, November 28, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I have a problem.
Admitting it is the first step, right? Right.

Now, onto identifying specifically what this problem is.

Decorating for Christmas is kind of a big deal for me. I just love it. I love hearing carols even if it's the day after Halloween (true story in Wal-Mart this year). I love browsing for ornaments, even though my artificial tree is only 3 feet tall.

These IKEA ornaments are just so sparkly. How can I resist?

There are also what I have dubbed "IKEA's creepy little people ornaments," pictured below.

Perhaps they are responsible for all the wonder that is IKEA? Can they be hired to assemble the flat-packed furniture for which IKEA is famous? Presumably. At least, if I think of them that way I get less creeped out by them. Why are their bodies made of yarn?! Despite the ick factor, I still love them.

Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a look at REI. No, I'm serious. The first real ornaments Kev and I acquired after getting married are from REI. I bought them to complement the real rock climbing gear we had decorating our tree after our first Christmas as husband and wife.

That's our first tree sans any "real" decorations. It's all cordlette, chalk bags, carabineers and a giant cam. I like to think we glammed it up the next year with a tent ornament, some miniature cams, and a climbing shoe. PLUS!! Kev bought me a sparkly shoe and handbag ornament (but those are from Nordstrom's, not REI)!! Oh, aren't we so grown up?

But back to REI. This year I browsed their selection yet again. And I was reminded that I bought some of their ornaments on clearance last year after Christmas. I'm excited that I get to use them this year! Don't you love it when you remember stuff like that? It's almost like getting the present all over again.

This year at REI I spotted the dog ornament and managed to limit myself to just that.

Kev recently admitted that he's interested in these Where the Wild Things Are ornaments from Urban Outfitters. I loved loved loved that book and the ornaments are wicked cute. Check out Max!

I hardly ever check out Anthropologie because it's ridiculously over-priced, but I took a look at their ornaments and was pleasantly surprised. They have a pretty great selection and the price tags aren't as huge as I expected. I like the idea of the alphabet ornaments. I could monogram the tree!!

I look at ornaments and fall in love with them individually without caring that they won't all come together to create a sophisticated tree. It's all an assortment of my likes and Kev's likes. Climbing, dogs, nature, shopping... and I'm ok with that. If I want a fancy pants tree, I'll put one up in addition to my special Liv+Kev tree.

Shouldn't the tree represent all that the family has done together, or feels is special? Christmas reminds me that although we are born in mortality, we have the opportunity to live forever as families. The evergreen symbolizes eternal life, and I think it should be decorated with symbols of what we hold dear on earth.

Even if it's creepy little IKEA men. To each his own.

PS Stay tuned for the home-made ornaments Sophia and I created!!

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  1. Love all the ornament ideas. I love that anthro has some cute ones! I would love some of them. My tree is a mismatched shamble of random ornaments but I think it looks GREAT. :)


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