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Monday, November 10, 2008

Inner Child

Christmas is definitely the time of year when my inner child comes screaming forth. I get so excited for this season. You can bet your elves bells I'll post more about Christmas over the next few weeks

My family is doing Secret Santa this year and I'm so glad. It's not going to be easy to manage finances this Holiday season, what with Jeshua's across-the-country-wedding, the cost of kennelling Maddie and my potential hip surgery (I'm an old lady). These extra expenses made Secret Santa sound like the best idea since sliced bread.

I am having a great time focusing on just one person to buy for. It's so much less stressful. Nothing beats watching someone open up something you picked out for them. Unless of course they obviously fake enthusiasm due to disappointment.

To avoid that happening for my Secret Santa, I'll let you know what's on my list of things to choose from. With pictures!! 'Cause that boring old list I sent to Gail (aka Santa's elf) is not as exciting as seeing visuals!!

Wasn't that just like looking through the Toys 'R Us Christmas book? Man, I thought so. Good luck Secret Santa!!


  1. So, this is your up to date wish list. If I had your address, I know what I'd send you...:-) I LOVE the dove charm. very elegant. I'm sorry about your hip, but maybe getting a new one would be a good thing. For my dog we have this stuff called adequan. They need to get it for you. It's a long term high dose injection (into any muscle, no biggie) of glucosamine/condroitin that effects the direct site. She is so mobile and agile, you would not know she has arthritis. There were years where she could not lift herself up after a run.

  2. I'm really hoping I "just" have tendonitis. My friend has it in her knee and she said it's most common for women to get it in the hip. If that's the case, then I won't need surgery, just physical therapy and supplements. THAT WOULD BE SO GREAT!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Love that peace dove--thanks for the link. Also thanks for dropping by my blog today and sharing your story.

    Good luck w/ the hip. Mine turned out OK so far, hope you get lucky too.


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