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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Joy! Babysitting's a Breeze

Look, I just happened to mention that was Maddie's "house." I can't be held accountable if that translates into "climb inside and play" to a 2 year-old.

As long as Beckett was having fun, I don't see anything wrong with this. Right? Right. I mean, seriously. We watched "EMO" (Finding Nemo for those of you who don't speak Beckett), we ate some cookies, we played with the dog... It just so happens that while I was eating my chimichanga, Beckett decided to climb inside Maddie's kennel and chill.

If she didn't mind, then you shouldn't either.

Alissa, hope you had fun in San Diego!! I promise Beckett was in good hands!!


  1. lol that's so cute. wouldn't it be cool if kids came with kennels like doggies!! :) j/k

  2. My kids have been in worse places than a dog house.

  3. Those are way cute pictures. I would love copies. My email is . He looks like he had a blast. I did have fun in the sun. I missed my boys though. Thanks for watching both my boys. ;)

  4. It looks like you're fully prepared for when you start having kids of your own! :o)


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