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Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Our Way

The lights are up in the living room. The lights for the outside are ordered. One present is already wrapped. Another waits to go to Maine for a late Christmas with the family.

The official Christmas tree can't go up until after Thanksgiving, since that's when my sister will be here. But that couldn't stop me from putting one up in the meantime.

Joy to the world.


  1. so cute! I love it. I love decorating for the holidays! Love the santa!

  2. My neighbors have already got their lights up. I think I'm starting to feel the spirit, too. I love pulling my Christmas decorations out and being like, "Oh yeah! I forgot about this!"

  3. Good for you being so on top of the whole Christmas thing! I am admittedly still finishing presents and stuff up on Christmas Eve EVERY YEAR! I love your decorations, too! Can't wait to see the tree!


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