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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Lasagna three times in one week? I'm going to turn Italian!"

If all goes according to plan...

And actually, it was four times in one week. We ate leftovers once.


  1. You ate leftovers only once? Were all the lasagnas the same? Wow. I don't have the figure to keep that much lasagna off my torso. You are so lucky. Or maybe just young. Ten years ago my waist was ten inches smaller. Is that creepy?

  2. We had a little Wal-Mart lasagna on a Sunday and then gobbled the leftovers up the next day for lunch. Then we had Fazoli's lasagna TWICE during the week, so those were bitty servings. We love food. Which is why we have to exercise. A lot.


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