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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Red Rover

Remember that game? Two lines of kids, all holding hands or linking elbows. And the line curled up into a huddle to debate who would be called over from the opposing team. It was tricky- if you called over the weak kid, you could bet that he wouldn't break through your defenses. But then you had to add weak kid to your own line. If he's too weak to break through, then isn't he too weak to defend you?

So you could call over the tough kid and hope for the best. Hope that he doesn't know where your line is weakest. Hope that your line can stay together and not allow the tough kid to break through. Then you'd get to keep tough kid. On the other hand, if tough kid does break through, he not only gets to return to his own line, but also take one of your line with him!

You have to pick the lesser of two evils. Get stuck with the weak kid and hope he toughens up, or pick the tough one and hope it doesn't backfire.

That's how I feel about this Presidential election. I DON'T KNOW WHO TO VOTE FOR. I know who Kev's voting for, but he refuses to tell me who I should vote for. And I cannot decide. I worry about Obama's lack of experience in comparison to McCain. I worry about electing a President only to be left with a sub-par VP to take over in the event of tragedy (that goes for either candidate = Obama could be assassinated just as easily as McCain could croak). I worry about voting for someone who is too much an idealist, or not enough of one.

I suppose anyone is a step up from Bush, so I shouldn't make myself sick with worry. I should just get it over with and vote. But why does it have to be so risky? Shouldn't we feel safe and secure putting our trust into a Presidential candidate? How come I can't find that surety with either one right now?

Would it be so wrong to put my trust in Kev and vote for his pick? He is, after all, my resource for politically-related information. He tells me who's a Democrat and who's a Republican and what their views are. He talks to me about the proposed policies using plain English. He doesn't laugh at me because I've never ever cared for Politics and don't know anything. I don't want to seem like a cop-out, but I think it's better to vote for someone my husband believes in than to just close my eyes and fill in the blank.

My other option is to forfeit my voting right since I'm undecided. But is that really better? What constitues the least of all evils in this case?

I'm just glad it'll all be over soon.


  1. Ron Paul.
    Or, you could just flip a coin.
    I don't NOT like Obama, but I am strongly opposed to abortion, and that's what tipped the scale for me.

  2. Definitely vote for "Super Dell" Schanze, he's got the super powers needed to turn this state around. In fact, why not just write him in for president while you're at it.

  3. By "this state" I mean Utah. People who aren't from Utah probably won't get what I just said. He's running for Governor of Utah and he's kinda crazy. I think you can find him on

  4. My stars!! Kev actually posted a comment... no TWO comments!! In all my blogging days I never thought that would happen.



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