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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wear-to-Work Challenge, Day 12

Pink top: ROSS (Candy Rain)
White tank: Old Navy
Leaves necklace: from Gail (Urban Outfitters?)
Brown cords: Aeropostale
Shoes: DSW (Rocket Dog)

I'm pretty impressed with myself for keeping up with this challenge. I'm also impressed that I've been really disciplined and haven't just fallen back into the comfortable routine of rotating through the same 5 shirts every week. I have so many clothes, and I'm glad that this challenge is getting the good ones back out into the light of day. It's also helping me decide which clothes I finally need to get rid of! I figure that if I don't find an opportunity to wear something in a month's time, whether for work, church or play, then it's gotta go. Sophia will probably benefit once again from my closet clean out (but you can't have any of my shoes, ya hear?!)

Speaking of closets: Kev and I still haven't finished the 3 that he built in the PH. That means the master closet is still a disaster and I have to fumble around in the dark to find the clothes/shoes/bag I want which are haphazardly organized on a rickety Wal-Mart garment rack. Every time Kev goes near that closet, I warn him not to touch anything or else it might fall over and crush him. Seriously. It fell over the first night I set it up and broke the casters attached to the bottom. Sweet.

Anyway, a friend of Kev's has agreed to finish the mudding on our closets so we can finish that wee little task and finally mark it off the "TO DO" list. I can't even begin to express my joy. I am so looking forward to having shelves and wardrobe racks and shoe storage. It'll be a dream come true. Kev, consider that my Christmas gift. Oh! You could even cover the door way with wrapping paper and then I could rip it open like a present!! Great idea. I'll remind you about that.


  1. dear ms. live,

    you have re-ignited my love for Ross. i think i might have to go there the next time i need some clothes. you always look so stinkin' gorgeous!

    i felt the same way too, about getting rid of some of my clothes after the challenge. you really see what you wear + what you don't wear.


    ps: if you are getting rid of clothes i will gladly take some off your hands ;)

  2. After Turkey day I'll totally let you know if I have anything my sister didn't want. I'm always going down to Sandy/Midvale/Murray/Taylorsville so we could actually meet up in REAL LIFE and I can let your browse the selection.


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