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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wear-to-Work Challenge, Day 3

I was a wee bit casual today since I had a doctor's appointment. And lemme tell ya, the results of that weren't comforting. I officially have arthritis in my knee and a mystery ailment in my hip. Next week I'm off to get an MRI. Sweet. I'm going to have to sell my clothes to pay for that and that'll be the end of the Wear-to-Work Challenge!! Just kidding. I have insurance. For now.

Anyway. The results:

Red shirt: Wet Seal
White tank: Old Navy
Brown pants: American Eagle
Shoes: DSW (Rocket Dog)
Maddie: One-of-a-kind


  1. I saw a DSW the other day in Portland and as I passed it I was like "Hey....wait a minute...." because I was thinking that's the shoe place you adore.
    You look adorable, yet again. I'm beginning to dislike you. ;)

  2. Mary- sooo, if we ever go to a party together, we MUST be specific about exactly what we're wearing so neither one of us feels under/over-dressed and gets made fun of. hee

    Abby- GO TO DSW. I usually only buy from their clearance, and it's so amazing.


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