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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can I Call It A Day?

I don't mind driving in the snow.

I do mind the way other people drive in the snow.

When I was headed to work this morning, the roads were bad, but not bad enough to warrant driving 10 mph.

The worst part about trying to get around someone who is going 10 mph is that everyone else is also trying to do the same. So you end up switching lanes only to get behind a dozen other cars who are cruising past the slow poke. You don't gain any headway.

I hate winter.

And I hate going to work.


  1. I totally agree with you! People think that just because they have these big cars with 4 wheel drive they can go as fast as they want. The other day a big truck was behind me and it was really nice because he was going pretty slow and kept a good distance from me it was nice for a change instead of having someone on my but.

  2. I talk to my husband EVERY SINGLE BLASTED DAY about moving to Arizona, mostly for that very reason. Want to come? During one of our blizzards last month, Phoenix was the pick city of the day on the Today show. Only made me mad.


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