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Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Early Christmas

Last night Wasatch Therapy had their company Christmas party at the Ogden Country Club. It was so fun to meet up with other staff members after my class and get started on the Holiday celebrations.

The dinner was great (and the dessert) and I even won a prize during Bingo. I was so excited to play because last Saturday when I was at Seth's we watched a few minutes of "American Chopper" and the motorcycle guys volunteered to play Bingo at an assisted living facility. They gave away all sorts of AC gear to the residents. It was hilarious. Since watching that, I've had a weird hankering to play Bingo. Wish granted! That's the magic of Christmas!

Fortunately for me, my work Secret Santa was Nikki. That meant I was definitely going to get a super sweet gift. I totally did. She rocked it. Nik bought me the Paris Pendant that is featured on my sidebar. I LOVE IT. I'm wearing it today. Thanks again Nik! And honestly, I've been telling Kev we desperately need a calendar so we can put all our important dates in a central place. So as nerdy as it sounds, I'm really excited to have a calendar too. Thanks friend.

Wasatch Therapy also gave us little bonuses to show their appreciation. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. That money can go right into the plane-ticket-debt-fund. It's small compared to that balance, but it'll get me just a little bit closer to the end. Hallelujah.

It was a great night and I really enjoyed chatting with Mike, Nikki and Claudette (whose Yoga classes I used to attend at WSU!). At one point, I got completely beyond cheesy and exclaimed, "Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!"

It's true.

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  1. YOU ARE SO WELCOME! I was so happy I got your name. Thanks for making it so easy to pick out a gift :D. And I'm glad you like the calendar, I think you can never have too many of them, especially when there are pics of Jesus on them. It was so fun last night!


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