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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

End of the Line

Back before Kev was laid off, I had a little ray of sunshine filtering towards me from the end of a long tunnel. I thought, hey, it's okay to be miserable at your job because pretty soon you'll be able to find something else, and it's okay if there's a slight pay cut. Even if it took until the end of the year, I could hold on. There was at least a timeline for my pain. Every week I'd tell myself to endure for just a little longer. Just give it 3 more months. Just give it 2 more months. And then, OCP temporarily folded due to lack of funding and everyone was without a paycheck.

In case you haven't noticed, it's hard to find a job these days. No one's really interested in hiring. Most places Kev has contacted told him they're currently in a freeze and won't be hiring for months, if then. So where does that leave me? I'll tell you where. At my desk. In my office. Hating my own guts for sticking with this job as long as I have. I should've gotten out while the getting was good! Before the economy decided to curl up and die.

At this point, I'm still applying for jobs every day, but people are telling me they're worried I'm over-qualified and will require more pay than they can afford. Duh. Don't they realize I'm applying for their positions because I'm okay with the pay? I kinda check into those things before wasting anyone's time sending in a resume/cover letter/application. Or I'm told that they really want someone better suited for part-time work. That's been the most confusing one so far, especially since I told the interviewers I'd LOVE to work part-time so I can focus on my schooling and have a more flexible schedule in the afternoons to allow me to teach classes at my gym. I guess they didn't catch my drift. Maybe I need to work on being more sincere when I talk about how great part-time work would be.

Technically, if all would go according to plan, I'd be working two part-time jobs. One would be something in an office (go English degree!) and the other(s) would be teaching at gyms. I have an interview this Friday for Family Total Health Club in Ogden, and since the Club's fairly close to my home, and has the aforementioned Yoga for preschoolers class (fun!), I'd love to work for them.

I know job hunting isn't fun. No matter what. But it was more bearable when I thought I had a safety net. I thought, hey, at least Kev's working too so I can afford to cut back my hours a little and take a risk finding something I actually like to do. But since Kev and I are both job searching, I don't have that safety net anymore. I don't have as many choices. And it totally sucks being a grown up.


  1. So sorry Liv, there must be nothing worse than feeling stuck somewhere you hate. I know you are living right ;) and if you keep doing what you're doing, the Lord will open doors. I promise. Maybe not in the time you want, which is always a drag, but it'll happen. Keep holding on - and how was boylates??

  2. Oh Boylates. One person was there talking with Ernie when I arrived around 5:40. He said he didn't want to stay for class!! And he said he doesn't think the other guys (his friends) are really coming either. Even though Rachel called all of them.

    So I have to call them all today and remind them AGAIN that there's actually a class for them since they said they wanted one.


  3. Oh Liv, I am sorry. I know that the job market is hard right now, I am seriously feeling your pain. I keep getting the over qualified or suited for part-time work too. But I know that in time you will be blessed with a great job that you love. Just keep plugging away.

  4. good luck livia! im scared to leave school and be a grown up. luckily since ive screwed my schedule up so bad, that wont be for another year and a half.

  5. Amen, Sister. I spoke with my boss last night and we both decided that it would be best if my 'temporary' lay off became a 'permanent' lay off. Because he can't afford me and because, well, I hate that place.

    It sucks, but I have faith things will get better. That ray of light at the end of the tunnel will come back, Liv! Don't give up hope.

    And in the meantime, good luck on your job hunt.

  6. AMEN! Its pretty rough not getting a 2nd income for over a month and not knowing whats going to come next. I didn't have to endure it for too long, but I know what it feels like. I hope you guys both find something you love soon!


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