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Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Travel

I am super anxious about flying this year. Not because I'm scared of planes or airports or crowds or delays or bad weather or anything like that.

I'm anxious because the flying industry is at the point where only one bag can be checked for free. I stink at packing efficiently. I cram my duffel bag to bursting and then ask Kev to carry one last thing for me. During Christmas it's especially hard to pack because I know I need to leave room for a few presents to come home with me (whether or not those presents are purchased by myself for myself at Nine West is another issue entirely). Heck, it's hard to pack for visiting my parents at any time of year because I know there will always be something at their house that I'll feel the need to finally take home with me (i.e. old art projects, journals, clothes, etc).

This year I can only bring one checked bag and one carry on. Seriously? I'm going to have to pack all the presents I'm bringing to pretend-Christmas in my carry on. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if I showed up in Maine and my gifts didn't? I would cry. So... what do I use as my carry on? A back pack? I don't have compact luggage. I have a duffel bag. And a back pack. It's not my fault if all the presents break! I only have a back pack!

Did I mention I'm also supposed to be attending a wedding? Which means I need to have wedding attire? Crammed in my duffel bag? Yup. The horror.

I told Kev yesterday that I'm thinking of bringing just one pair of jeans, some underwear, PJs and toiletries. Then I'll systematically steal tops from Sophia throughout the trip. The only dilemma there is that she might be planning to do the same thing to me. Then we'd both be in trouble. When we grow out of clothes we give them to our mom. Which means we can't borrow back from her. She's too little. So... that means I might be looking stylish in my PJ top for about a week. With the exception of the time I spend wearing my wedding attire. Which will be just casual enough to also wear to church while Kev and I are in Maine.



  1. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but most airlines now charge for even the ONE checked bag. You'll probably be OK if you booked your flight before a certain date. I think Southwest and JetBlue are the only major ones left that don't charge for that first bag.

    Anyway, have fun on your trip, and good luck packing!

  2. Kev has assured me I bought our tickets before that new rule went into effect. We'll see once we check in, won't we? Fun!

  3. Oh, Liv. I'm sorry. I think that not inspite of, but because of all the prep-work, I feel like this will be one of the most amazing wonderful trips of your life!

  4. Actually, I'm thinking not. It'll be nice to have a fake Christmas celebration with the family. But. For the most part, I could've done with not creating a $1000 debt this Christmas to buy plane tickets.

  5. Thats fun your traveling for the holidays, good luck with getting everything packed, that makes it hard especially with the presesnts.

  6. ugh im sorry. i just bring a huge suitcase haha. as long as its under 50 bucks. they have decent priced ones at walmart. good luck with that. yikes. have fun at the wedding too!!! eeks :]

  7. We don't leave til New Year's so that gives me plenty of time to figure everything out, right?

    I hope so.


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