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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Italian Ice

Do you think 89 is too old for a buzz cut?

Apparently, 89 is too old to know what a buzz cut is.

When my step-dad Marc offered to cut my gpa's hair, he suggested a buzz. Vito (my gpa) said sure.

Then my mom asked Vito if he knew what a buzz was.


I sure wish this camera photo was clearer.

I'm not sure how Vito feels about the buzz. He looks a little frazzled.

I think he might just be a cold now.


  1. We've been trying to get my 72 year old father in law to get a buzz cut for years now. I think it's a fantastic option. Hope he likes it!

  2. this could be one of my favorite posts ever, your grandpa is adorable. i hope he is ok with his cut eventually.

  3. hahaha. i love your grandpa, he is so cute. these pictures are priceless :]


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