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Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Me Or The Dog

There was a time in life when Maddie had to spend the night in her kennel. And then her first winter with us dawned and I felt too cruel to relegate her to that tiny box in the living room. The apartment Kev and I lived in at that time didn't really get any heat. By that, I mean it had none.

The transition from sleeping in her kennel to sleeping in bed with me and Kev happened slowly. First she was allowed to sleep with us on weekends. Then it was any night that preceded a day when we didn't have to get up early. Eventually it became every single night.

While it is sometimes frustrating to wake up with her four feet pressed into my back, or her smelly breath in my face, I wouldn't change it for the world. I have a serious problem with loving that dog too much. Despite her droning snores and constant lip-licking in her sleep. So she stays in the bed. Even if that means Kev sleeps on the very edge and balances for dear life.

Apparently, I'm ok with that. Maddie's a much better sleep cuddler than he is anyway.

Kev, please don't stop playing with my hair when I'm falling asleep. I really do love you more than the dog. I promise.

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