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Monday, December 29, 2008

Make It Stop

I was just informed that Delta has me and Kev booked on two separate flights for our trip to Maine this week.

That means Delta was expecting us to show up at both MIDNIGHT and ELEVEN A.M. on the same day to fly out of SLC. No, they weren't expecting Kev to show up for one flight and me to show up for the other. Delta had the two of us booked together to take two different flights in the same day.

I don't know how that happened. But I hear they're losing luggage left and right as well, so I'm really excited to fly with them. Not.

In order to fix it, I waited on hold for about half an hour while a representative from my booking website talked with Delta.

Now I'm leaving three hours later than I wanted to (but at least it's not midnight) and arriving 6 hours later than originally planned.

The other frustrating part is that Maddie is being kenneled the day before Kev and I leave. With the latest change to the flight itinerary, I don't really need to take her the night before. But that's already booked so I'm essentially going to pay for her to stay at the kennel for an extra night for no reason.

I really really really feel like crying right now.

But I'm at work. So I can't.

Who am I kidding? I cry at work all the time. In the bathroom.


  1. Oh Liv. I'm sorry. That's a pain. Hopefully you'll get that figured out soon!

  2. awww noo!! seriously i am not a delta fan anymore. best of luck.... i guess all the airlines are kind of a drag these days, but yeah. good luck, and dont cry!! you are going to maine and it will be BOMB!!

  3. I just wish the travel part was over.


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