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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Music Man

When I first caught sight of Kev, he was a DJ for WSU's radio station. Being a music lover myself, it should have been an indicator that I would eventually marry him. Right? Ok, no. That's grasping at straws since I never talked to him. I just saw him at campus events. I didn't even know his name. For three years he was just that guy from the radio.

Regardless, I married him. And I'm really glad. The man has hundreds of albums. I can't even estimate how many CDs and records he has. It's impossible. I have like, 75. They fit on one tiny bookshelf. Kev, on the other hand, has CDs stashed in boxes and bins and on shelves all over the house (the office still isn't put together yet).

Not only is Kev a lover of music, but he's a musician himself. It's so hot. He has a set of drums still hanging out in his mom's basement (eventually they'll move to our basement) and he has three guitars... that I know of.

Last month I was asked to sing at a church Christmas party. Remember how I mentioned that I couldn't believe I was left hanging without an accompanist? Well, Kev stepped up and told me he'd learn to play a song to accompany me. Awwww.

We "performed" last night and it was really great. Kev told me afterwards that it was only the second time he'd ever played his guitar in front of people. I'm so proud of him.

Hey radio guy- you did good.

PS I promise I'll start practicing guitar again. I just really like to lay around on the couch all day Sunday. Practicing kind of gets in the way of that.

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  1. that's so cool he accompanied you!!!! AWWW!!! I bet it sounded great.


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