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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PS To the Post Previous

Yeah, Kev got a job! I forgot to share that good news. Right now it's officially temporary through the Holidays. But if corporate approves, his boss will have the option of offering Kev the job permanently. Apparently someone full-time left that office at about the same time they were going to hire some extra help for the rush. That's good news for Kev!


  1. yay kev!! that's such great news! congrats!

  2. congrats to kevin!! and i hope that maddie feels better. trips to the vet are the worst!

  3. Yeah for Kevin! I am sure that is a big relief. I am sorry that he has to go on poop patrol. Good luck with that.

  4. Awesome! Thats so great Liv! (And Kev) I hope everything works out so that he can keep it full time. That would rock!!

    P.S. It was so so so good to see you on Sunday even though it was only for a minute AND we got your card. Thank you so much. It's adorable!!


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