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Monday, December 01, 2008

Seven and a Half Cents Doesn't Buy a Heck of a Lot.

"But give it to me every hour, forty hours every week! That's enough for me to be living like a king!"

Musical interludes aside...

Remember how I said I wished I could just sit at home and look at my tree all day? Well, I decided that would be a little bit boring after a while.

My new wish is to quit working full-time at a job that makes me miserable beyond description and just teach Pilates/Yoga/PiYo all day. I found a gym in Ogden that has pre-school yoga. How fun would that be?!

If my calculations are correct, in order to pay the bills and maintain an income comparable to what I now make, if I work 8 hours a week for that gym and 4 hours a week for Wasatch Therapy, that means they only need to pay me $2,416/hr.

Sounds reasonable. I mean, really. It's an invaluable service to help people understand their bodies and get healthy.


  1. haha! I think that is totally a fair price for your services ;) I am keeping you and your job situation in my prayers.

  2. :)

    We decorated for Christmas last night, and I'm enjoying a little tree gazing today, too.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Agreed! You're worth it!

    Also? I almost died when I saw your title. :) Memories!

  4. I'm never going to recover from that blasted play.

  5. I used to watch the musical with my mom long before Millcreek did the play. I was thrilled that I already knew so much about it!!


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