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Thursday, January 08, 2009

CB2 Overload

The only thing I've ever purchased for myself from CB2 is a flower pot. It's the very pot that now houses a dead plant since it (the plant) couldn't sustain life in the bitter cold house while Kev and I were in Maine.


Anyway. While taking a quick break from slave labor i.e. working I browsed my newest CB2 catalogue. And fell in love. If only I needed more dishes.

Calla Dinnerware

Lotus Dinnerware

Lamina Dinnerware

Wilma Dinnerware

Comma Plate

Cheers Glasses

And if you're like me and interested in Christmas clearance, CB2 has some fantastic deals on ornaments and pretty little things. So check it out since quantities are limited.


  1. I yearn for Wilma, and my kitchen isn't even red. I'm not sure how you're standing it.

  2. The Wilma dishes come in a beautiful gray as well. So lovely.


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