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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Delight in Light

The fixture above the dining room table "fell" down last week. I suppose it could be more accurately described as such:

The pull cord (yes, it's a ceiling fixture with a pull cord that dangles over the table) wasn't functioning so I stood on top of the table to hold the fixture to the ceiling while pulling a little harder. Nothing. Light stayed on. Fixture, on the other hand, began to pull away from the ceiling.


So. Live wires. Home alone. Only two hands. Somehow I juggled the hot bulbs, hot fixture and live wires successfully and detached the fixture from the wires it would have otherwise dangled from until Kev got home. I didn't get electrocuted. Although, Maddie was watching the whole time and I'm pretty sure that if something had happened she would've let herself out of the house and gone for help.

Anyway. The fixture was poorly mounted and wasn't exactly secured to the ceiling by anything other than insulation threaded over a bracket. Awesome. I'm using that as an excuse to once again browse new fixtures to replace the old one. I've always planned to do this, but never had a real reason. I'm tired of eating in the dark, so maybe I'll find something this weekend at IKEA. Maybe? Ha, that's more like a definite. Check out these fixtures from the website:

Fado $24.99 (10" diameter) Fado $39.99 (12" diameter)

When I looked at West Elm's clearance a while back I noticed that fabulous pendant with the exposed light bulb and fell hard. Thankfully, IKEA has the much more affordable and somewhat comparable Fado. Like it? I love the black. The Rutbo (below) is kind of a wild card. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Two windows in the dining nook provide wonderful light, as does the light in the kitchen, so it isn't necessary to have harsh direct light over the table.

Rutbo $39.99

When I was originally designing the kitchen/dining combo space, I couldn't take my eyes off the Kulla fixture. It was the perfect match to the industrial, red fan that Kev bought for the kitchen. But now that the budget is more of a concern, the Kulla fixture is out. Plus, Kev wants to take the red fan with us when we move, so getting a matching fixture in the dining room doesn't make sense long-term.

I'm so excited to go to IKEA this weekend. I'm practically salivating just thinking about browsing lights.


  1. So funny. When we moved into our house we had two fixtures like the Fado in our kitchen (although they had brass accents, a la 1980). I could hardly wait to get rid of them! We ended up replacing them with some really nice pendant lights that I think we found at Home Depot, of all places (they have some pretty decent prices for lighting).

    If it was me I'd go with the Kulla or the Rutbo (p.s. Who names these things?!?).

  2. I'm starting the like the Rutbo more and more. And with the names, I seriously believe that someone things of a different way of saying something in English and tries to market it as a Swedish-language name.

    Kev just found the "orb" from our original light (circa the 80s as well!) in the kitchen, and I'm wondering if I should just use that 8-10ish inch orb and fashion a new fixture with that. I could probably get a light kit from Home Depot and save tons! It'd make a great cover.

    I love HD's lights as well. They're awesome. I just always forget to go there and check it out!


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