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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Christmas was modest at the PH this year. But still lots fun.

Kev scoured thrift stores and got me some great reads (it's 10 years late, but he got me a Backstreet Boys book!), great movies (Goonies and Hairspray) and a great Kuhl sweater (he got a mad discount since it was through Ogden Climbing Parks).

To help him a bit, I bought myself a $12 dress from ROSS and one of those belts he hates- the kind you wear around your ribcage instead of your waist. I wrapped them up myself and stashed them under the tree. He was more excited for me to open them than I was :)

I was able to find Kev a copy of one of the books he wanted about climbing (seriously, I have no idea what it's called... there are too many) plus he got a tie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and a hangboard from Seth.

My parents sent Seth the weirdest chocolate chip cookie mix ever. It's already made, and it requires no refrigeration. Seth made a batch while I was at work, and they taste like the cookies you can buy out of vending machines. Not bad, but not good compared to the home-made ones I had leftover from my neighbor gifts!

The parents also sent me and Kev an advent calendar in the form of a lighthouse. It's 3D and has 24 small drawers scattered across the exterior of the lighthouse for placing treats or little gifts. My mom said it was so we could always have a little bit of Maine in our Christmas celebrations. We won't be able to go out again for quite some time, so this brings a bit of the coast to Utah. My step dad works for LL Bean, so gifts from there are eminent (yea discount!).

The best part about actual Christmas day was just spending time together watching movies, playing Ruk Shuk (which I got for Kev last year and which is similar to this game now available at and eating a fantastically delicious turkey dinner. It was WAY better than the dinner on Thanksgiving. Except this time I didn't make any pie. But we had a killer chocolate cake for dessert instead.

Like to know what we got while in Maine? Well... that will just have to wait. I'm kinda busy being angry at the world right now since my freezer is still empty (just a little worried to stock it and risk spoiling the food again) and there's a lot of snow on the ground. Maybe the snow is the solution to my freezer problem- I could just put all my food outside in a cooler for the time being.


  1. You had me at "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

    In fact...I think I'll watch that right now while I give the cat a bath.

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. My parents totally use the outdoors for an extra fridge. They also use the garage if it is cold enough. I would totally do it if I were you. I am not sure if it will keep it frozen enough though. Maybe if it is in the shade.


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