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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Steps

Now that I've become more familiar with esty, I've discovered some amazing finds. I will share.

Flower Ying- Collage Mini Brooch $3.25

Big Mod Flower Love $8.00

Edie Ring $7.00

Vintage Button Ring $5.00

Vintage Button Ring, Pearl $5.00

And here are some amazing shops you should check out:

My Tiny Star
Poppy Joy
Enchanted Loves

Stayed tuned for more fantastic finds from esty!


  1. I just love etsy! I'm watching for that yellow picture frame...

  2. I just picked out colors for it tonight, so I'm thinking I can do it this weekend for your viewing pleasure :)

    PS HAPPY BIRTH DAY/MONTH (since you seem to be celebrating all month... so SMART!!)


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