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Monday, February 16, 2009


It's a day of big reveals.

You've asked to hear more about my date with a bank robber, and I also have another secret to share.

Because the bank robber story is a bit more involved, I'll start with the second secret.

I opened a shop on etsy and invite you to check it out here. You may purchase items "as is" if you so please, or let me know how I can customize your order for you! I'm so excited to start this and have been looking forward to getting it set up for a few weeks now. It's always been on the back burner, and I'm happy I finally made the time for it. Please let me know what you think!

Now, onto the first secret.

Jake and I met in Junior High in Bountiful and had a lot of friends in common. We sang in choirs together. Our birthdays are just three days apart, so I always remembered to wish him a happy birthday every year. I lived just down the street from the school, and if friends wanted to pass the time before sports practices or whatever they'd often walk home with me and chat. Jake did that a few times. We were really only casually acquainted. I moved away after Jr. High and didn't keep in touch with him.

On one of my visits to Utah while in High School, I did spend some time with Jake and the friends we had in common. But still, we were casual friends.

I moved back to Utah after HS to attend college. I think it was in my Sophomore year that Jake found himself at my school, cheering for a scholarship. He'd bounced from school to school during college, following scholarships. I was surprised when I recognized him on the basketball court during half-time. I went down to the floor to catch up with him after the game, and it was either that night or the next night that we went to a movie together. Whichever night it was, it ended up being Valentine's Day. Nothing ever happened with Jake, but we maintained "casual friend" status.

Years later, I received word from a number of friends that Jake had robbed a bank. Needless to say, I was blown away. Turns out he'd been caught while driving to Southern Utah. Friends were asked to write character letters and fax them to Jake's legal representation. I happily obliged. I don't think he's such a bad kid that he needs to spend 20 years in prison for robbing a bank... while armed. I thought then and still think now that he just needed something to WAKE HIM UP and remind him that he needs to choose where his life is going.

For some time after the trial ended (I believe he got 5 years, which is such a blessing considering the alternatives) I received emails from Jake's dad. He sent them out to the friends who had written letters on Jake's behalf. When I got my new job, my student email account was shut down and "upgraded" to a faculty account. I no longer get the emails, but I hope Jake's still doing alright.

It's so crazy. And while I'm not happy this has happened to Jake, I'm happy that something has happened to him. I hope that he'll make some changes in his life and really find a good path. He was such a happy, energetic, fun kid to be around. I have a lot of good memories involving him (and I know a few people who read this blog feel the same!).

It's not super exciting when you get down to it, but still, I can honestly say that I went on a date with a bank robber. Who used to be a cheerleader.

Isn't there a movie about that?


  1. Congratulations on the Etsy shop!

    The story about the cheerleader/bank robber is quite remarkable, but I think the most remarkable part is how you always see the positive part of any situation. Such a rare gift.

  2. Sorry, I'm commenting again about Jake. He got so little time because he plead out — no trial. I think he might only have two years left, and he recently got the OK to move down to a lower security federal prison. I still get the e-mails, and he and I talk sometimes. Chelane talks to him several times a week. ... Anyway, I'll e-mail you more.

  3. Liv, that was such a nice summation of Jake. I think of him a lot too, and feel the same way it seems you do. I really do think this will turn out to be a good thing for him if he embraces it as such.
    Em - can you pass the emails onto me too if his dad is still sending them out?

  4. Em/Amanda- I'm glad my post didn't upset either of you. I feel like you two know Jake a lot better than I ever did and I'd hate to misrepresent him in any way!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I totally know this guy. Well, knew. And by "knew" I mean that I spoke with him a few times and my freshman year of college came home a few times to find him asleep in my apartment. Alone. I vaguely sense that we may have discussed this connection way back when. Anyway, I had no idea about the turn of events in his life. I hope that all works out for the best for him. Wow-sers.

  6. KRIS!! I forgot that you knew him! He went to USU. You went to USU. Duh. We did figure that out once upon a time.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Small world. I love it.

  7. That is so like Jake to randomly sleep in people's apartments. And yeah... I'll send both Liv and Amanda the last e-mail I got. It's been awhile, though.


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