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Friday, February 20, 2009

Far and Away

I'm taking a vacation day.

It took some work to talk myself into it, but I realized that if I want to find my sanity, I have to take time for MYSELF.

As a result, I will not spend today listening to students complain about their delinquent accounts. I will not listen to dishonest sob-stories about incoming funds. I will not be yelled at because someone forgot to make a payment and I sent them one nice notice followed by a second not-so-nice notice (if you'd respond to the first notice you wouldn't even see the second notice). I will not waste 8.5 hours sitting in my office. I will not eat a miserable TV dinner lunch at my desk. I will not count down the hours until the weekend.

For me, it already is the weekend.

I'm taking a vacation day.


  1. Many congratulations. I hope you enjoy your day off. But why in the world are you still up this early? If I could have the day off from the baby, I would still be in bed. Probably with some ice cream.

  2. I seem to have an inability to sleep in. Plus, my brother called me. But's it's ok b/c I have huge plans to clean all day long. And I couldn't wait to get started... or something like that.


  3. good for you. i wish i could do this more often. have a fun day!!!

  4. yay! way to take a stand! :D

    hope you have a fabulous day off!


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