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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey, Life? Volume II

To celebrate a friend's birthday and another friend's departure for study-abroad in Chile, Kev and I were able to meet up at TGIFriday's last night and reminisce with people we haven't had much time to see lately.

I can't believe it'd been almost 2.5 years since I'd last seen Orion. He is the same as ever. His humor is killer. He's the kind of person who intends to make you laugh and enjoy yourself and yet he delivers his jokes with the straightest of faces. I love it. I promised to write him real letters while he's in Chile. He didn't believe that I would. Kev told Orion that for some strange reason, I like writing real letters. Why is that strange? Isn't it fantastic to get mail? Mail that doesn't show up on a computer screen? I think so. Orion, send me your address when you're safe and sound in Chile. I'll hit you up. For reals.

Mandi met up with me and Kev before dinner. Kev snoozed in his car while Mandi and I chatted like old times in hers. I think I've planted a few seeds of ideas in her head. I can hardly wait until the weekend when we can get started on a new adventure together. Old roommates are some of the best friends (Nikki, we missed you last night!).

Alicia, dear sweet baby Alicia, turned 22 yesterday. She came to Weber as a 17-year-old and I was her RA her first year in the dorms. I took that sweet soul to Vegas for Spring Break with about 10 other people. We just wanted to show her a good time. And besides, she was 18 by then. It was totally legit. Side note- if you are interested in Mary Kay products, Alicia is your girl.

Kev and I only stayed through dinner and opted out of the games and festivities afterwards, but it was still such a refreshing night. I hope that I can stay committed to mustering up the energy needed to get together with friends more regularly. It's just so hard to stay awake past 9. Please don't judge... it's sad but true.

Regardless of how tired I was at 8:30 when dinner concluded, it was a wonderful evening. Current friends are most-definitely a highlight of my years, and time spent with them is always a pleasure. Here's to many more adventures!

PS I'm home sick today and I absolutely love it. I can overlook the aches and sniffles as long as I'm not suffering through them at my desk!

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  1. Get feeling better! I feel so bad about last night and will forever. :( Mike was doing his test til 10 and I was so dang tired. I'm glad you did an overview for pathetic ol' me. Let me know if you need some lemony chicken soup!!


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