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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Goes a Long Way

One of the greatest perks of my Pilates gig is something so very simple.

At the end of class, the participants pull me aside and whisper an extra "thank you," or "class was really great tonight," or "I really needed that," in my ear.

One of the ladies told me she's seen more results in the three months that I've been teaching than she'd seen in years of doing Pilates.

I definitely don't get that at the end of an 8.5 hour day at my desk job.


  1. that's cool Liv! It was good to see you guys last night!

  2. that is the best! i used to teach gymnastics to 3-7 year olds a few years ago, and my favorite thing was when the cute kids would come + hug me after class, or run up to me when they get there and grab my hand.

    yeah, i don't really get the warm fuzzies at my desk job either! :D

  3. I love those small things that make your day so much better!

  4. Sounds like you need to move out here so I can attend your classes! So far I can't convince Caleb it's time to move home yet, something about a job here or something...sigh. Congrats though, there's nothing better than a rewarding job!


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