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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Need a Hand?

My older brother has decided to do "freelance" handy-man work, and let me just tell ya, he's worth every penny. I don't have rates for specific jobs, but I can tell you that without him, I'd be living in a cardboard box.

That's a little dramatic, but it's true to an extent. If Seth and one of his buddies hadn't given their approval for the PH, Kev and I wouldn't have bought it. Seth has acted as a consultant for lots of the jobs Kev has tackled around the PH. He has also offered his services to us for everything from hanging braces for the new pex plumbing to hooking up our washer and dryer with Kev.

To date, Seth has done a lot of remodelling within his own home (and mine!) and his skills include wiring, drywall/mudding, priming/painting, plumbing and basic carpentry.

Seth owns a bobcat (I know, seriously?) and can use it for landscaping (digging stumps, hauling gravel, pulling trees, etc...) and also is able to haul brush/trash from work sites. So come Spring, if you have projects like this let me know and I'll get you in touch with my bro.

Really, there's no better way to get hooked up for stuff like this than through someone you know. You don't have to worry about him flaking out and not completing a job or anything like that.

Seth is based in the SLC area but please don't hesitate to get in touch with me (livytay[at]gmail[dot]com) to see how far he's willing to travel outside SL County.

Please note that I'll be devasted if this makes my brother so busy that I can't go down to his house and hang out with him whenver I want. But whatever.


  1. wow. I might totally hire your brother. Everything he does sounds very appealing. In April my dad is coming up to help us as we're enclosing the back patio and making it some sort of a great room. And Heaven knows I need help with my back yard, it's ghastly. I've always wanted someone to help me out there.

  2. That'll be awesome to add the extra space to your condo! Let me know if you want Seth's number. He'd definitely be able to help with a project like that!

  3. ya just email it to me whenever you get the chance - and if you know...maybe how much he charges. Thanks :)


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