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Friday, February 06, 2009

PHriday, Volume XIV

I helped Kev hang cabinets in the garage and found a box he kept from when we were dating. The box itself has notes written all over it, and inside there were 3 letters I mailed to him after we got engaged.

It's no wonder he married me! I was a nice girl!

Reading those letters that I wrote just under three years ago made me all giggly and filled me with butterflies. I'm so glad he kept them.

Y'know what else I'm glad about? Those freakin awesome cabinets in the garage! Jon gave them to Kev and they've been taking up floor space in the garage for months. I'm so proud of Kev for being so productive while he's searching for employment. All sorts of little projects are coming together around the house. I also love eating dinner together more often than not these days. It's such an important time for us to reconnect after a long day!

Anyway- the cabinets (aka Kev's Man Space):

I've mentioned the recent progress in the living room as well (by means of art) and I'd like to share that for your viewing pleasure:

The key hanging from the white ribbon is original to the house. Kev unearthed it in the garage and we're so happy to have it. A little piece of history for us to appreciate.

Please excuse the mess on the coffee tables... it's part of my "Pay It Forward" project from yesterday's post (PS winners are Jade, Mary Elizabeth and Abby!!).

If you'd like to see abbreviated progress of the PH since purchasing it last April, just click the label (at the end of this post) "PH Friday." That'll direct you to posts dedicated to summarizing the progress. It's quite the amazing transformation!!


  1. I love the cabinets - they look awesome!! And your LR is adorable. You need to have a housewarming party!!

  2. Garage cabinets are an absolute MUST! I congratulate you on your progress.

    I tried to squint really really hard to see what you were making on the coffee table...but it didn't work...

    Have a good day, Liv! It's almost the weekend!

  3. I'll have a housewarming party when I have closets, and maybe when Kev has a job!

  4. the cabinents look awesome, we need to hang some shelves or something in our garage this summer, its packed full of stuff. Thats fun about the letters too, you'll probably cherish those forever.


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