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Monday, February 09, 2009

Post Love

My office wouldn't run without Post-It notes. They are the main form of communication amongst staff.

That being said, it is quite surprising that I still like Post-Its. Although I sometimes dread coming back to work and finding 100 million of them tacked onto my computer, I still love the functionality of Post-Its. I also love all the colors.

A while ago I saw an idea for a calendar composed of Post-It notes. Design Mom always gets me thinking.

I bought an inexpensive cork board from IKEA and honestly just rummaged through my desk stuff (no, I did not steal Post-Its from work!) on a Sunday and unearthed a fresh pack of yellow notes. I am a little sad I only had boring old yellow, but I'll get over it next month when I have a fresh new color.

To ensure that each day stays stuck, I put one staple through each Post-It to secure it to the board. Then it was easy peasy to number each Post-It and create a label for the month. The great thing about a Post-It calendar is that I can just stick another note on top of existing ones if a day gets too jam-packed to fit on one note. Also, being on a cork board means I can tack additional notes or photos or coupons around the calendar to keep it decorative. I plan to get some fabric to cover the board completely (or maybe use an old pillow case?) but for now here's what I have:

It will be secured to the fridge with heavy-duty magnets in March when I cover it and create the next calendar. For now it's centralized on the counter and easy to read. I derive great great great pleasure from the fact that Kev can now easily see nearly everything that I usually just scribble into my personal planner. Sometimes he'd get left in the dark.

No more! Now he can see when I've paid my share of the bills, when I'm teaching Pilates, when I'm going to vacuum, what's for dinner, when Maddie needs her medicine, when LOST is on, etc... I've encouraged him to put his own activities on there as well so our bi-weekly finance meetings don't have to be muddled with questions about who's going where and when.


I love being organized.


  1. I can't believe you schedule your vacuuming! I don't even know where our vacuum cleaner is stored. And I most certainly would never volunteer to turn it on and drag it around a room!

  2. Yeah... I have this thing with weekly cleaning. And if I don't do it, who will?!

  3. I absolutely love that you write down when you clean! I think I should. At the very least, I would feel fantastic that I had things on my calendar. IKEA also has a cute, simple magnetic/white board (which come in white, black, and silver/gray). The post-its might stick better, but you'd have to get magnets for all your other notes . . .

  4. Magnets would be cuter AND easier than staples. We'll see how much I love this cork calendar after months of removing staples and re-posting each day!

    I saw those magnetic boards at IKEA too... there's always some use for a cork board, so maybe I will end of switching to magnetic in the future.

    Maybe I'll put THAT on my calendar.

  5. I love being organized and love the idea. It is just me, but I have multiple calendars but haven't tried the post it one. maybe that will be my next try. Can't wait to see that fabric you choose to use.

  6. I love this idea, and it seems very much like you. Because I understand and respect your Type A personality, I have to mention that it sure appears that you spelled Saturday "saterday" instead. For shame, Ms. English grad! Just teasing. Hopefully I just can't see it too well.

  7. Oh Kris! Now you've got me worried. When I get home it's the first thing I'm going to check. I will die if it's spelled wrong and Kev didn't tell me.

  8. I am impressed with your mad organizational skills.

  9. i think that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.


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