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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Report

How I spent my vacation day/weekend:

I read more Anne of Green Gables than is probably good. I found myself thinking just like the characters. Kev teased me.

I cleaned like a mad woman (4 loads of laundry, millions of dishes, vacuuming with use of the attachments, dusting, fresh linens on the bed/in the bathroom...)

Kev and I had dinner with friends and watched "Hot Rod" for the umpteenth time (oh joy).

I discovered and executed a new snack (melted rolos on pretzels).

I helped Kev for one millisecond while he fixed the plumbing. I am proud to say that both kitchen sinks now drain beautifully, and the new sink stoppers are wonderful. I've grown tired of washing dishes in a bucket.

I finally walked Maddie. And paid for it the rest of weekend since she begged to go out again and again and again and again...

Maddie and I layed in the sunshine that streams through the back window onto my bed.

While I appreciate doing these things, it makes it so hard to come back to work. It's like a slap in the face to get up at 6:15 again and go through the grind.

We're approaching month two of Kev's search for employment. If something doesn't come up soon I'm afraid I'll have to be committed since my job makes me crazy, but I have no choice but to keep at it.

Does insanity come with paid leave?


  1. Dear!
    I have received your adorable frame that you made for me. And I love it. It made me feel so good to get it in the mail. It's so bright and cheery, and it reminds me of you. Thank you!

    I am developing my gifts...I'll be putting up my 'pay it forward' post soon!

  2. That's the problem with vacations / days off. I hate that Sunday night feeling of "Oh crap, here comes another week." UGH. I'm glad you did it though! Time off is SO nice, and the only way I made it through my last job.

  3. "Does insanity come with paid leave?"

    Only if you do it on a scheduled holiday. ;)

  4. Abby- glad you got the frame in one piece!

    And oddly enough, I'm grateful to be home sick today. I can overlook the head cold as long as I get to nurse it in my bed instead of at my desk!


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