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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way back from breakfast.

We met a frog on the golf course. The same course on which we watched deer frolic as we ate breakfast.

The view from the balcony was still pretty, despite the dried up pond. We stayed in the Shaker House with a view of the super cute Milk House next door (I love The Homestead!).

When we initially got in the crater on Saturday afternoon, we were plagued with teenagers. After they left, a herd of scuba divers showed up to practice rescue drills. Fun! Despite their constant calls of "DIVER DIVER ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" Kev and I enjoyed a leisurely float in the 90 degree waters.

The view from the water. It's like being inside of a volcano, looking up to the sky.

The Homestead dug a tunnel to gain entrance to the crater from street level. Since they pump water out of the crater (for the spa, duck ponds, etc) they maintain a consistent water level that allows for access from the tunnel at all times. It's awesome.

The drive to and from (on I-80) is idyllic. I loved seeing the architecture mimic the mountains and complement the natural surroundings. I wish I could live there. The proximity to Park City shopping is also a plus. It seriously rivals Freeport's shopping.

I told Kev that if someone ever wants to surprise me with a trip sometime... I wouldn't be disappointed to go back to The Homestead/Park City. Really. I'd love it.


  1. It looks like a glorious trip. The crater is awesome!

  2. oo that does look nice! i want to go!!

  3. i am completely smitten with your pink jacket!!

  4. That looks like fun! Where was that crater pool thing? I want to go there ASAP.

  5. The crater is located at The Homestead Resort in Midway, which is just past Park City off of I80. You get a discount if you're staying at the resort, but it's only a few dollars more to swim in the crater without staying there. Typically you get 40 mins and I think it's $15 on the weekends if you're not a guest. Not bad!


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