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Monday, March 02, 2009

Hey, Life? Volume IV

Nikki and Lissa
Orion, Josh and Nikki. Sleeping in my bed. Without me.

Mandi, Lissa, Rory... Megan (?), and Jon making a move on Ray.

Orion and Matt helping me set up my first ever computer. Great way to spend student-loan money.

Lissa and me. The only time I ever got my nails "done" was when Lissa took me. She's all about the glam.

Josh. The Stud.

The tree has brought us together. Lissa, Mandi, me and Nikki.

Really, the tree brought us together a lot for pictures.

I had some awesome roommates. Which I totally deserved! I wish I'd had roommates like this my last year in the dorms. But instead, I was accused of stealing insulin by roommates who BOOBY-TRAPPED THEIR ROOMS DURING SPRING BREAK. Honestly, I didn't even know one of them was diabetic. And... it wasn't me who went into your room. It was the guys who spray for bugs.

I have had 20 college roommates I can name. My final year in the dorms was definitely the most tumultuous. But it doesn't erase all the memories of the roommates before. Associating with and becoming friends with those 20 people has helped me get a better understanding of how others work... or don't. Although I can say without a doubt that I'm so happy the days of roommates are over, I'm still so glad they happened.


  1. holy retro flashback. i guess it wasn't THAT long ago, but times have certainly changed. That's for sure. Love the together tree!

  2. Remember your Japanese roommate who overflowed the toilet and came to ME to see if I had a plunger? Haha

  3. um, YEAH. i remember when i was sick and throwing up in my own bathroom and she asked if she could use the toilet since hers was clogged. so i had to continue being sick in my GARBAGE CAN so she could pee.


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